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Origins of name/logo design

AvanStrate logoAvanStrate株式会社 logo

About our company name “AvanStrate”

Our name is derived from the two words “Avan,” which means advancement, and “Substrate,” which means glass substrate. Our innovative name draws a clear line from those of traditional glass manufacturers and creates an image of aggressive corporate approach as well as high quality and sophisticated manufacturing.

About our logo

Our symbol is derived from the letter “A” expressing the innovative image of our products with its silhouette and refreshing green. The four points represent our company's approach towards a bright future, business and technology, advancement and originality. This simple and dynamic logo, using the same color as the symbol for the “S”, enhances its appeal by showing a sense of unity and creates a deeper impression as a logo.

  • Symbol
    :Dynamic triangle
  • Color
    :advanced green (represents the image of clean & ecology and our company)

The blue circle in the background is designed after the earth and expresses the development of a global business and delivery of value to customers worldwide. The horizontal line represents the accumulation of technology, the new horizon that it opens up and the stability of the company.

  • Background pattern
    :Global circle
  • Color
    :Creative blue (image of advancement and originality)